Radio 4 Brainport cannot offer you a job… but you can gain a lot of experience helping us to keep the station and all that is involved running…

We’re an organization fully run by volunteers who do everything from making radio announcements, editing texts, keeping the automated play out system up to date, interviewing people, monitoring the transmitters and web stream, etc. But we have also opportunities for news editors, information gatherers, correspondents, experts on culture, design, lifestyle, technology, innovation, film, museum, etc. We hope to become a station for the international community by the international community. If many do a little bit, all can enjoy the sum of the contributions.

And we feel that ‘Radio 4 Brainport’ describes exactly what we like to achieve: an entertaining and interesting radio service for all that relate to Europe’s leading innovative top technology region !

If you want to co-create the station with us, please send an email to !

So come on and send your information if you would like to be one of our correspondents who inform us about interesting events or news, reporters who make audio contributions (you can even send us good recordings made with your smartphone !), contribution editors who review and prepare contributions, program editors who design the radio program flow, speakers who read out texts, designers for our website, musicians for our own jingles, content collectors etc.